Leading Adult Learning – in-school support

Extend your ability to lead and facilitate adult learning

Strength your capability to lead and facilitate adult learning

Leading adult learners requires different skills and capabilities compared to those used with ākonga.

Drawing on our collaboration with esteemed Australian educator Joan Dalton, we support leaders in schools, kura, and kāhui ako to lead the learning of adults.

What might this leadership development focus on?

We support you to:

  • encourage deep reflection on the impact of your leadership practice on self, others and your organisation

  • build on current best research of effective leadership

  • support you as you respond to your problems of practice

  • connect you to the Learning Talk Books and Learning Culture for Learning Impact.

If this learning is new to you, we can support you to:

  • create a learning-focused culture

  • build effective collaboration and teamwork skills

  • engage in different types of powerful conversations designed to move learning forward

  • develop your leadership and ‘Art of Facilitation’ expertise in working with adult learners

  • use a wealth of practical strategies, tools and protocols to enhance the effectiveness of the adults you lead.

How we work with you

We currently offer this professional support in a number of ways. We can be flexible to suit your time, budget, individual or team needs, and area of focus.