International programme evaluation

Gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness or impact of your programme.

We are experts in evaluating and reviewing a range of educational programmes, initiatives, curricula, and systems. We engage with government and non-government organisations to critically review what is working and determine a way forward.

How we work with you:

  • We respond to your needs. No two organisations are the same, so you'll recieve an effective evaluation process that suits your unique needs and budget.

  • Experienced evaluators. Our highly-skilled consultants are experienced in complex evaluation. We’ll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.

  • Evaluation experience and expertise. We have extensive experience in evaluation and many satisfied clients. Evaluation is in our name and it’s what we do!

  • Culturally responsive evaluators. Connecting with local culture is essential when we are working outside of New Zealand. Our evaluators are culturally responsive; they are used to working within a range of cultures and work effectively with local experts.

If you are interested working with us