Support for Curriculum Progress Tools

Evaluation Associates Ltd has been part of the introducing, implementation support and professional learning around the Curriculum Progress Tools since their development in 2013. This journey originally started by introducing the frameworks through the CPL nationwide OTJ workshops held in 2014 and 2015, right through to the Ministry funded implementation support offered in 2019. Through this journey we have developed years of institutional knowledge about the tools and the way they are best introduced and used by teachers. For example, we know that engaging with expertise right from the start is a great idea and has resulted in the smoothest implementation processes.

The Curriculum Progress Tools offer much more than just providing a judgment of student progress and achievement. Through our facilitation experience we have also seen the value of the Curriculum Progress Tools in:

  • developing teacher curriculum knowledge
  • promoting high quality authentic cross curricula learning experiences
  • advocating internal teacher knowledge as a valid form of evidence
  • providing a lens for reviewing teaching and learning programmes
  • promoting reading and writing as cross curricular devices
  • creating comprehensive learning programmes that support the development of reading, writing and mathematics
  • thinking of Mathematics as more than just numeracy
  • considering aspects of reading, writing and mathematics that may have not previously been valued
  • truly understanding achievement and progress through the curriculum levels
  • providing high quality visual reporting displays

These benefits have been heard in settings from primary through to secondary. The introduction of reading and writing illustrations in Science, Social Science and English contexts have provided even more relevance to secondary settings. They have not only extended the framework through to beyond Year 10, they have also shown subject specialists how they can help students improve their subject achievement through improved reading and writing.

As we rapidly move towards the end of the year, it is our understanding that the current Curriculum Progress Tool implementation support will not be available in 2020. As a result we have been doing some thinking about how we can continue to support schools and Kāhui Ako to successfully implement the Curriculum Progress Tools.

Whilst schools and Kāhui Ako will still be able to apply for support through locally-focussed PLD funding we are also providing some other options based on our experience in this space. Whichever option you choose Evaluation Associates facilitators will be available to support your endeavours. We have facilitators who have had multiple years of implementation support experience and have the resources, experience and knowledge to be able to provide efficient in-depth support on all aspects of the Curriculum Progress Tools including:

  • the Learning Progression Frameworks in reading, writing and mathematics
  • the process of efficient judgment making
  • setting PaCT up successfully
  • providing good systems for teacher support
  • using and interpreting the PaCT reports
  • the ‘so what’ - making use of the data

We have several options available to schools for 2020. Please make contact if you wish to access our support.

Options available include:

Option A: Locally focussed PLD
Contact us for support in developing a PLD application for 2020. We can help you develop a concise plan for a progress tool implementation process.

Option B: NEW for 2020 – Curriculum Progress Tool implementation workshops (in Reading, Writing or Mathematics)

We have used our expertise to develop a one-day workshop to help you successfully implement the Curriculum Progress Tools, or lead implementation in your school. This workshop is suitable for:

  • Staff leading the implementation of the Curriculum Progress Tools
  • Teachers new to the Curriculum Progress Tools
  • Staff from school looking to implement a second or third framework
Curriculum Progress Tools workshops are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please see our other options for support or contact us below for further information.

Option C: A school-based implementation package deal

Our experience working for the Ministry of Education has empowered us to design a very effective implementation model. This will work for your school and is cost effective. The key components of effective progress tool use will be facilitated by an accredited Evaluation Associates facilitator, backed up by activities and resources developed over a number of years.

The package will include:


Support type (typically)



Implementation plan and tool set up

Skype or phone call

1 hour

This provides your implementation leaders the support to deal with the administrative and school logistics. The development of an implementation plan to identify dates, set expectations and provide a framework for effective implementation.

An introduction to the Learning Progression Frameworks

School Visit

1.5 hours

The first session with staff. This session provides knowledge of the underlying principles of the frameworks and an initial exploration of the frameworks

Framework exploration

School Visit

1.5 hours

This session provides your staff with the opportunity to explore the framework in a more detailed way. Specific activities will be facilitated to ensure a deeper knowledge and understanding is achieved.

Developing efficient judgment making processes

School Visit

1.5 hours

The sharing of concepts and processes that make the judgment process efficient and effective. An initial attempt at judgments will be completed during this session and any queries will be explored.

First judgments

School Visit

1.5 hours

The facilitation of a judgment making session with staff. We would expect decisions on a minimum of three aspects to be made during this session.

Review of the judgment making process and analysis of data sets and displays

School Visit

1.5 hours

This session would initially reflect on the first judgment making process and identify successes and areas for improvement, and how to make this happen. The focus would then change to the data displays and interpretation of the reports.

Review session

Skype or phone call

1 hour

A review the processes developed to ensure sustainability, including consideration for implementing the remaining frameworks.

Cost for this support packages is $3360 ex. gst plus travel time and costs.

Option D: A specific negotiated implementation model

Do you want something more specific for your school/Kāhui Ako? Get in touch with us and we can work with you to customise an approach that brings the best of what we know and includes your specific requirements.

Contact us today to get in-depth support FOR CURRICULUM PROGRESS TOOLS IN 2020.