Narrative assessment

Looking for different ways to recognise progress?

Find out how we can help you support students whose progress doesn’t fit standard models.

Narrative assessment is becoming increasingly used with special needs students to assess important moments of achievement, with what teachers describe as a remarkable effect on learningIt can also be used to recognise progress in areas such as inquiry or play-based learning, where conventional assessment tools may not be appropriate.

Narrative assessment is an approach to assessing and describing a student’s learning that allows a far richer depiction of that learning than is possible through more traditional criterion-referenced assessment. It compels the assessor to know the learner. It requires the assessor to notice, respond to, extend, reflect upon and communicate about important learning in which the student engages that can easily be overlooked by more conventional modes of assessment. It also requires careful response to and reflection on the teaching strategies.

We can support schools through seminars, coaching and modelling to become skilled in all aspects of narrative assessment.

Why work with us?

We are responsive to your needs

With you, we'll design support that's just right for you - it might include in-class coaching, staff meetings, teacher only days, online support.

In-class modelling

Our facilitators are comfortable in any teaching space, modelling the strategies for narrative assessment and supporting teachers to write learning narratives for their students.

Coaching for leaders and teachers

Our consultants are experienced coaches. They can meet virtually or face-to-face as regularly as you need them.

Ongoing evaluation

Money for PLD is a precious resource - you need to know you're getting your money's worth! We set up processes for ongoing PLD evaluation, so we can keep steering in the right direction.

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