Do your students have the necessary mathematical skills to meet learning purposes across the curriculum? Are they numerate enough to tackle a range of rich, authentic mathematical problems? 

We can support your teachers to improve their skills in teaching all aspects of mathematics.

Mathematics is important to students' ability to make progress in their learning. Not only do students need to develop skills in all aspects of mathematics, they need to be able to transfer their mathematical skills to meet learning purposes across the curriculum.

We can support teachers to develop effective research-based pedagogy to engage and empower learners.


Our consultants support teachers to:

  • support students to develop the mathematical knowledge and skills to successfully meet the criteria identified in the NZC
  • notice and respond to students' mathematics learning needs through teaching as inquiry
  • help students to develop skills in all aspects of numeracy, fundamental to their ability to make progress
  • make maths an exciting and worthwhile adventure
  • develop the potential of using technology appropriately to enrich, empower and accelerate learning
  • develop culturally responsive mathematics teaching
  • keep a focus on student achievement and acceleration towards ‘closing the gap’

Why work with us? 

Specialised curriculum knowledge

Our consultants have specialised pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics. We have been working with teachers to improve their capabilities in the teaching of mathematics for many years.

We respond to your needs

We recognise that no two schools are the same. With you, we'll plan curriculum support and/or review that suits your needs and your budget

We have wide experience and expertise in working with the NZC

Our director, Mary Chamberlain, led the MoE team in developing the 2007 NZC. Our consultants have deep knowledge of its content and implications.

The right consultant

We have experienced consultants who work  in primary, intermediate and secondary schools. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.