Leading by Learning


Why focus on Leading by Learning?

The main goal of schools and kura is to raise student achievement and reduce disparity. School leaders play a vital role in solving problems that get in the way of achieving this goal. Challenges include:

  • variation in quality of teaching
  • variation in quality of leadership
  • insufficient knowledge to solve problems
  • building relational trust.

Problems are solved through interactions with others. However, in these interactions leaders often experience the considerable tension between solving the problem and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships. Leading by Learning teaches leaders how to build organisational trust while making significant progress on problems that contribute to inequitable student outcomes.

Leading by Learning partnership with Viviane Robinson Picture1

Viviane Robinson, widely known both in New Zealand and internationally for her programme of research and development in educational leadership, has partnered with Evaluation Associates to develop Leading by Learning. Described as 'the next generation', from her and Jacqui Patuawa's previous work on leadership conversations, Leading by Learning brings together Viviane's unparalleled expertise and Evaluation Associates' commitment, and experience in teaching learning-focused principles.

What distinguishes Leading by Learning? What is 'the next generation'?

Developing a quick and easy 'run sheet' for what to do next about a difficult conversation or for a school problem that needs to be solved is tempting. Sometimes a quick 'next step' is all that's needed. However, for problems of teaching and learning that are long-standing and complex, quick fixes or step-by-step guides are inadequate.

Leading by Learning includes thinking about and practising effective conversations but goes well beyond this. It challenges the motivations and thoughts of leaders and reveals how these contribute to the effectiveness of problem-solving conversations.  

Leading by Learning examines how leaders may need to unlearn, and then re-learn, how they think and act in situations they find challenging. Doing so will enable them to:

  • approach interactions with a deep sense of self-respect and respect for others
  • genuinely seek and test the validity of the information they use to solve problems
  • ensure mutual commitment to decisions made.

How do people experience Leading by Learning?

Deepening your leadership capability is a journey. You can do this through a range of learning opportunities.

Setting people up for success

The journey starts with an introductory learning opportunity via either a two-day workshop or through in-school support. This introduction to Leading by Learning involves: 

  • coaching and extensive feedback from accredited facilitators
  • contextualised problem solving
  • deep understanding of personal motivations and the impact that these have on those you lead
  • time to focus on educator’s thinking and action
  • practical focus on learning-focused conversations
  • a focus on school improvement
  • increased knowledge of theory and practice underpinning Leading by Learning
  • access to the Leading by Learning online hub.

Leaders will then be able to access the new Leading by Learning online hub to strengthen their practice by engaging with readings, videos, supporting tools, and discussions with the Leading by Learning team.

Building on the learning

Leading by Learning online hub

The Leading by Learning online hub is a real innovation for leaders. Through the online hub, you can:

  • attend exclusive webinars hosted by Viviane, Jacqui, and members of the Leading by Learning team
  • have access to readings, videos, exemplars, and short courses to improve your use of Leading by Learning
  • have access to 1:1 coaching
  • receive feedback, from Leading by Learning consultants, based on analysis of your transcripts and conversations.

Members of the Leading by Learning online hub can participate in exclusive learning opportunities, including online courses designed to deepen understanding and practice.

It is like having an educational consultant in your back pocket. 

Further courses to extend leadership capability

We are sharing our initial Leading by Learning offering, and there will be more learning opportunities to come. We are currently building the next workshops and courses which will be released in 2022.

Are you ready to build your leadership capability using Leading by Learning?

To view and register for the learning opportunities for Leading by Learning, please click the link below. 


If you are looking for on-site support for you and your team, we can come and work with you. Contact Jacqui Patuawa to discuss personalised support.