Data analysis

Do you have a mountain of data, but suspect that you’re not using it as effectively as you could? 

Valid data, simply and powerfully analysed and presented, provides a pathway to improvement in both teaching and learning.  

We can analyse your school or cluster data and provide reports giving an independent evaluation of student achievement.

Data can be analysed and presented in both graphical and written form. We will provide the graphical form(s) that you prefer. We find that bar charts, stacked bar graphs, box and whisker graphs and effect size tables are the most commonly used and easily understood. We can work with you to help you choose the most suitable way for your school needs.

Our aim is always to support you to use your data to inquire into your practice, to improve teaching and learning. 

Why work with us?

We have experience and expertise in data analysis

Our consultants are expert at working with data to present clear analysis that provides a pathway to future improvement.

We respond to your needs

We recognise that no two schools are the same. With you, we'll work to provide data analysis services that suit your needs and your budget.

Understanding of student management systems

 Our consultants understand the intricacies of SMS systems so that they can help to upload or extract your data efficiently.

The right consultant

We have experienced data analysts who have provided data services to primary, intermediate and secondary schools. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.