Assessment for learning

Do you want your students to learn more and learn more deeply?

How we can help you

From in-depth three year programmes of professional learning and development to one-off teacher only days or staff meetings – we can provide just the support you need.

No two schools' support looks the same, but we use our archway model to identify where your needs are and plan a programme that meets your needs and budget.

The words assessment for learning have been around for quite some time. So does that make it old fashioned or somehow out of date? Definitely not! It seems that education is catching up with what researchers and great educators from a few years back could see clearly. That is, that assessment for learning strategies are the most impactful strategies there are for student learning. They create active, self-regulating learners through clarity about learning and next steps, high quality feedback, assessment literacy, active reflection and learning focused relationships.


Why work with us?

Assessment for learning is at the heart of Evaluation Associates. For over 20 years our consultants have helped schools make big differences to student outcomes using quality assessment for learning practices using the teacher and student capabilities illustrated in the archway model. We know we make a difference because we evaluate everything we do. The Ministry of Education contracts us to work with schools in this area, and to develop and maintain the Assessment Online site on TKI. Our director, Michael Absolum, wrote ‘Clarity in the Classroom’ a seminal text on assessment for learning and he has led national thinking about approaches to assessment in New Zealand schools.

We’re responsive to your needs

With you, we’ll design support that’s just right for you – it might include coaching, staff meetings, teacher only days, leadership support.    

Accelerated achievement

We know our programmes work. Over many years we have evaluated our impact on teacher practice and student outcomes – on achievement results and importantly also students’ ability to be effective learners. We know we make a difference.

The right consultant

We have over 40 highly-skilled consultants. We’ll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.

Coaching for senior leaders and teachers

Our consultants are experienced coaches. They can meet virtually or face-to-face as regularly as you need them.

In-class modelling

Our facilitators are comfortable in the classroom, modelling high impact strategies with your learners.

High-impact observations and feedback

All of our consultants are trained in practice analysis conversations and open to learning and a hallmark of our programmes is high quality observations and feedback which bring about real change in the classroom.

Video coaching and feedback

We can offer online video coaching and practice analysis.        

High impact workshops

Our consultants are all skilled facilitators of workshops. We run off site induction workshops through the year, or you can arrange for workshops in your school, stand alone or as part of an in-depth programme.


"Working with Evaluation Associates for the two years focusing on assessment for learning has been our most successful PLD project to date. Brenda really took the time to look, listen, feel and understand our school and our needs. She let us lead and worked alongside us. Together we collaborated and developed a model that fitted our school.

Our staff were engaged and enthusiastic. The best part was the significant shifts in teacher practice and the great effect size shifts in student achievement. The practices are embedded now and we continue to see great shifts a year on…. We know this will continue."

Principal – Ranui School

"Barbara-Anne has been instrumental in the development of our teachers’ professional capabilities in the area of assessment for learning. Our school has worked collaboratively with her in order to raise student achievement levels. By having her as our external facilitator, our school priorities have been further strengthened with improving student knowledge of what they are learn and why they are learning. It has allowed our school to flourish and teachers are sharing their learning experiences with each other and celebrating these successes with her through formal discussions."

Hadleigh Benson, DP, Mt Maunganui Primary School

“We worked with Evaluation Associates in 2013 and 2014. It was a transformational experience and journey for our staff, with the focus on Assessment for Learning. Those principles and the facilitator's outstanding communication skills and clarity, assisted our teachers and boys significantly. Assessment for learning was one of the best professional learning experiences for our staff."

Peter Vos - Head of Dilworth Junior Campus

"...acknowledging the significant contribution EA and the AfL platform have had in our successes this year."

Aaron Joyes, 2nd year BT, Long Bay Primary