Saga Vaisagote-Frost

PLD Consultant

Saga works as a education consultant based in our Auckland office. She works with schools in the following areas:

  • assessment for learning

  • learner agency and self regulation

  • bilingual education

  • coaching and mentoring

  • effective maths and literacy practices

  • effective physical education and hauora practices

  • use of assessment tools, data analysis and evidence-based teaching

  • local curriculum design.

Saga is an experienced educator. She developed effective teaching practice in the classroom and supported school-wide goals as a team leader and an across schools leader for her Kāhui Ako. Saga is experienced in bilingual education, having recently taught in a Samoan bilingual unit.

Saga’s practice is built around this well known Samoan proverb “O le ala o le pule, o le tautua.” The pathway to leadership is through service.

Saga’s actions of service and forming mutually respectful relationships. These ultimately support students to excel in all areas of curriculum and the wider school setting. Saga knows that learners' gifts and talents need to be exposed in a safe and nurturing environment.

Saga empowers teachers to reach their full potential through assessment for learning. She helps teachers to foster learning-focused relationships, co-construct professional learning plans, accelerate learning practices, deepen curriculum content knowledge and embed sustainable reflective practices. She is passionate about ensuring all students receive quality teaching and learning.

In her spare time Saga enjoys spending time with family and friends and travels around Aotearoa New Zealand, managing various Auckland basketball teams competing at annual national competitions.

Here is the blog post that Saga has written to share her thinking with the education sector: