Ed Hodgkinson

Principal Advisor

Ed is a principal advisor to beginning principals, based in the Greater Wellington region, encompassing the Wairarapa and Tararua regions too.

In Term 1 of 2017 he resigned from being a principal to take up this new, very exciting role. Ed has been a principal for 18 years in a mixture of rural and urban schools, including the last 11 years as the principal of Lakeview School, a large urban school in the north-eastern corner of Masterton.

Ed has been a first-time principals’ mentor for a number of years as well as being the President of the Wellington Regional Primary Principals’ Association, a group of just over 200 schools.

Ed’s current role involves working with principals in the following areas:

  • Strategic Leadership.

  • Creating positive change.

  • Developing culturally responsive practice.

  • Building leadership capacity.

  • Developing relationships between schools and their communities.

  • Building evaluative capability in leaders.

  • Working collaboratively and building relational trust.

  • Developing robust appraisal practices.

Ed lives in Masterton, with his wife Deidre and three children. Ed’s interests include spending quality time with his family, watching and playing sport, exercise, and reading.