Celeste Hastings

Principal Advisor

Whiria Te Tāngata

Celeste is a Principal Advisor to schools in the Wellington region. She works primarily with beginning principals.

Before taking up this role, Celeste was the principal of Holy Cross School, Miramar, a wonderfully diverse community. Celeste completed her Master of Educational Leadership in 2013, International Leadership Certificate in 2018 and Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme 2019. She is passionate about leadership, teaching and learning and building community.

Her particular areas of interest and expertise include:

•    strategic leadership

•    building leadership capability

•    collaborative inquiry and evaluation

•    coaching and mentoring

•    the development of sound, sustainable systems and practises

•    learning support

•    empowering communities.

A daily walk, a good cup of coffee, stimulating conversation and time with friends and family are the elements of her perfect week! Celeste has completed a number of Aotearoa’s great walks and bike trails. She enjoys music and has recently joined a choir.

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