PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Accredited facilitator for MOE-funded PLD - See Summary of Practice

Susan works as an education consultant based in Auckland. Her consultancy area is currently in the Auckland and Northland regions.

She works in schools in the following areas:

  • Science
  • STEM
  • Curriculum integration
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Student agency
  • Assessment for learning

Susan has extensive experience in facilitating professional development both in her recent work as a consultant and in school leadership roles as a deputy principal, dean and head of curriculum.

Susan builds strong collaborative relationships with all ākonga. Senior leaders and teachers are connected to science/STEM experiences that are engaging and cognitively stimulating and that enable reflection about current assumptions and practices in teaching science and STEM. This provides a platform for the sharing of research and approaches to teaching and learning that promote effective pedagogy, collaborative planning and resource development.  

Here are some of the schools Susan has worked with:

  • Albany Primary School
  • Kaeo School
  • Greenmeadows Intermediate School
  • Tangowahine School
  • Sunnynook Primary School


“Our vision for science has changed – not in a box now. It is more about possibilities. A spark has been ignited. Teachers are seeing science situated across the curriculum. Also science is contributing to the development of student voice and taking the learning home. Our Open Afternoon was a big success. Studenst were teaching parents. Language opportunities for ESOL are very positive. Teachers are making links to numeracy and literacy/oracy. Science journaling taking off. Opened up using digital tech to enable and support inquiry. Teachers inquiring into own practice fuelled by student engagement. Great to see whole school involved. Lots of teacher collaboration and conversations about practice. Teachers ready to ‘seize’ opportunities that present – all junior school abandoning class to see, smell, touch, listen to and yes taste the frost that covered our field. Never seen such spontaneity on the part of teachers before!”


“It (science experiences) allows discussion to flow with children interacting without it being teacher-dominated. All students were fully engaged on the task - behaviour management was unnecessary. Synergy was apparent-students prompted /triggered each other's new observations. Close observation was significantly more detailed. Children used generalised language at first, although they remembered to use relevant vocabulary from previous experiences –they are making links.”

Teacher reflection

“One of my favourite is about enjoying learning. I would be happy to do it all day. I want to improve my I can let others understand what I did and found out. I can help others – I feel more satisfied.”

Y6 student