Introduction to local curriculum for leaders

Decide the nexts steps for your school's local curriculum.

Why focus on Local curriculum as a leader?

When a school has a local curriculum, what students learn is aligned with the aspirations of mana whenua, whānau, parents, learners, teachers and the community and the entitlements of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC).

What to expect in this workshop?

This workshop is an introduction to local curriculum. You will explore aspects of developing a local curriculum, including:

  • what a local curriculum looks like and why it is important for your learners

  • how Te Tiriti o Waitangi is honoured in a local curriculum

  • ways into developing a local curriculum, e.g. through pedagogy, place, and people.

  • strategies that could help to review and design your local curriculum

  • stories of how other schools have developed their local curriculum

  • ensuring there is coherence between your strategic plan, local curriculum and evaluation and self-review.

Who is this workshop for?

We recommend that more than one school leader and/or curriculum leader attends from your school. That way you can collaboratively work to progress your local curriculum.

The workshop involves learning, participating in activities, and discussion.

What others have to say about this workshop

In 2019 we co-led (with CORE) nationwide workshops on Local Curriculum. Out of the 710 participant evaluations that responded:

  • 96% strongly agreed or agreed that the content of the workshop was at an appropriate level

  • 99% strongly agreed or agreed that the workshop resources were useful, well-presented and appropriate.

Your investment

This workshop costs $360 + GST per participant.

We currently have no scheduled workshops for 2024. Contact Donna at if you would like one in your region.

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