Aotearoa NZ's histories online courses

Wondering how to teach Aotearoa New Zealand's histories? Interested in engaging your ākonga with critical thinking skills?

This series of courses are based on the ‘Do’ strand of the Aotearoa New Zealand's histories curriculum. These three courses are planned to enable you to teach your ākonga the skills that underpin the study of history. The courses will build on your capability to teach the critical thinking skills necessary for effective engagement with our histories. They are: 

  • Identifying sources and perspectives 

  • Interpreting past experiences, decisions, and actions

You have the flexibility to choose one course, or both courses, based on your preferences and needs. Our courses provide valuable resources and guidance to help you empower your students with a deeper understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand's Histories and cultivate their critical thinking abilities.

You’ll be interested to know that we are currently developing another ANZH online course - Exploring historical relationships - to be released in Term 1, 2024.

Identifying sources and perspectives

This course will build your skills in using sources and exploring perspectives by deepening your knowledge and understanding of the connections between the ANZHC and mātauranga Māori.

It will also support you to explore various approaches to building relationships with mana whenua in order to effectively incorporate Māori history and mātauranga Māori into your local curriculum. You will explore ways to address bias and racism through teaching Aotearoa New Zealand's histories.

Drawing on the skills learnt in this course will enable you to help your students understand the range of historical perspectives that shape the understanding of our histories.

Interpreting past experiences

This course focuses on the habits of mind necessary to interpret past experiences, decisions and events.

It will empower you to develop your understanding and knowledge of interpreting the past by focusing on practical strategies which you can then transfer to your classroom for use with your ākonga.

When you draw on these habits of mind in your teaching, your students will connect with past events through facts and feelings. The course includes key skills for thinking like a historian and will develop your students critical thinking capabilities.

What to expect

  • Highly-practical learning you can apply in your classrooms

  • Support from our Aotearoa NZ's histories lead facilitators

  • Self-paced learning

  • Approximately six hours to complete each course.

Who is this course for?

  • Teachers of years 1 - 10.


Each course costs $150 + GST per person.

Additional courses are $100 + GST per person

Registrations open

Identifying sources and perspectives

Time: When it suits you

Registrations open

Interpreting past experiences

Time: When it suits you

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