Assessment for learning resources


This is an ongoing project for many of our facilitators. They produce assessment for learning resources for the schools with which they work. By producing these exemplars of good practice, they are able to enhance the learning for teachers and add to their understanding.


Resources, including PowerPoints and posters, are developed for all facets of Assessment for Learning. These include:

      • Learning-focused relationships
      • Clarity about the learning
      • Assessment literacy
      • Self and peer assessment
      • Promoting further learning
      • Active reflection
      • Next steps in learning

See some of the resources we have created featured here on Assessment Online.


Feedback from teachers tells us that they find these resources really helpful. They very much appreciate concrete resources that they can use in the classroom the day after professional learning.

"Hi Barbara-Anne. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your work on TKI. I have found your learning intention and success criteria sheets very helpful. Often people like yourself that put in a lot of work are not acknowledged but just to let you know a, in Oamaru... has benefited from your work and for that THANK YOU."