Middle and senior leadership development

Strengthen the leadership capability of your senior and middle leaders in their current roles

Why focus on middle leadership development?

Middle and senior leaders are a large and diverse group. Their needs differ for strategic, pedagogical, and administrative leadership across kura and schools.

Middle and senior leadership roles are defined in response to each school’s unique context and needs. Your middle and senior leaders play a vital role in achieving school or kura objectives. They are fundamental to improving ākonga outcomes.

Many middle and senior leaders step into these roles from the classroom. And, they are now faced with new challenges. Strategic leadership, leading adults, and engaging in new roles within their kura or school community can be a big ask.

How we work with you

We provide a range of responsive leadership services that build middle and senior leaders' ship capability within their unique contexts work.

  • Customised support No two kura or schools are the same. We’ll tailor a plan to your needs and budget.

  • Support available for a range of educational settings Our consultants provide support to kura, wharekura, primary, intermediate, and secondary schools, special schools, clusters, and kāhui ako.

  • Inquiry driven We use a pakirehua/teaching as inquiry approach to improve leaders’ capability.

  • Informed by research and practice We draw on our extensive knowledge of educational policy and practice. Our support is informed by key documents such as the Educational Leadership Capability FrameworkTū RangatiraTatāiakoTapasā, and the Ministry of Education’s Learning Support Action Plan 2019-2025.

  • Evaluative We devise markers of success, to check progress.

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