e-asTTle professional learning for schools

Use e-asTTle in your kura or school to improve ākonga learning outcomes.

Why include e-asTTle in your professional learning plan?

e-asTTle is a free tool for New Zealand schools and kura. It provides accurate data on achievement and progress of students in relation to reading, writing, mathematics, pānui, pāngarau, and tuhituhi.   
e-asTTle provides useful information to establish students’ current independent capability. It identifies their strengths and areas to focus on. You can use e-asTTle to monitor achievement progress. You can aggregate student data for different year groups, genders and ethnicities.

What might e-asTTle professional learning focus on?

  • Understanding how e-asTTle works 

  • Designing appropriate e-asTTle assessments 

  • Creating tests differentiated to learning needs 

  • Appropriate e-asTTle use 

  • Interpreting reports 

  • How to use data generated to improve teaching and learning. 

Why work with us?

Our facilitators have worked with hundreds of schools across the country to improve their e-asTTle knowledge and use. We have supported the Ministry of Education to embed e-asTTle by running workshops and providing specific support for over a decade. We know e-asTTle inside out and are the country’s leading experts.