Supporting Pasifika learners

Focus on developing your cultural competency for diverse Pasifika learners.

Why focus on supporting Pasifika learners?

A kura, school or kāhui ako focus will allow you to:

  • gather and evaluate the perspectives of community stakeholders

  • ensure that diverse Pasifika learners and their families feel valued

  • strengthen culturally sustaining practice

  • devise effective consultation processes

  • enact the vision in the Action Plan for Pacific Education and Ngā Turu, the competencies, from Tapasā

  • integrate the Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020-2030 in your setting.

How we work with you

Our professional learning on Pasifika learners is culturally sustaining. All professional learning for primary and secondary settings is evidence-based and designed to meet local needs.

At the heart of our learning process are workshops, observations, and feedback on teacher practice. We know how to improve factors that promote/contribute to Pasifika success in education.

We develop learning-focused relationships with the teachers we work with. With you, we routinely evaluate professional learning to measure the impact it has on student outcomes.

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