Anna Sullivan

Chief Executive and Company Director

As the chief executive of Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga, Anna oversees our strategic direction. Her focus is firmly on our mission to raise ākonga achievement and reduce disparity. Impact is what we stand for, and Anna has a keen focus on ensuring that the work of our talented team makes the greatest possible difference. She has a strong focus on evaluation, equity and partnership.

As well as being an experienced leader, Anna is a professional learning and development specialist and education consultant. She is an expert partner and was one of the writers of the Standards for the Teaching Profession. She has held various national and international roles in education, including working for the Ministry of Education. She has led large professional development teams such as establishing the professional development consortium Te Toi Tupu. Anna has also developed international education programmes, provided quality assurance and training of international consultants, and specialised in the area of school leadership in the Middle East, and in New Zealand.

Anna’s teaching background is in primary and intermediate education and she has worked in secondary schools offshore. She was an assistant principal of a full primary school for several years.

Outside of work, Anna loves travelling overseas, catching up with friends and family, good food and wine. She lives in Auckland and also loves spending time in Queenstown where her partner hails from.