What we do

We provide professional learning, leadership services, consultancy, and assessment support.

We design our work to focus on raising ākonga/learner achievement. We have an intervention logic that works. We know how good learning occurs and design with this in mind.

Our intervention logic

We have a clear intervention logic and way of working.

  • Listening to understand you and what you want to achieve.

  • Analysing your current situation.

  • Designing support that fits

  • Monitoring how the support is working.

We work with you to help you examine current practice. This is most commonly through observations. We work with kaiārahi/leaders to ensure that they can develop observation skills too.

Our intervention logic infographic

How our intervention logic works

If we activate all levels of the education system, we can increase achievement.

  • If we want achievement to improve, ākonga/learners need to be improving their learning capability.

  • Ākonga capability improves when teachers/kaiako create conditions for learning to flourish.

  • Kaiako capability improves when kaiārahi/leaders create conditions for teachers to refine their practice and take risks.

  • Kaiārahi capability improves when kaiārahi/leaders deliberately refine their leadership practice and connect their actions to ākonga/learner achievement.

We use our intervention logic to plan effective improvement actions which will lead to an increase in ākonga learning, achievement, and wellbeing.

Effective teaching and learning

We have two key frameworks that we use to describe effective learning –  the assessment for learning archway and Te Poukapa Āheinga mā te Kaiako me te Ākonga.

These focus on ākonga/learner and kaiako/ teacher capabilities needed for learning to flourish. The archway and Te Poukapa Āheinga mā te Kaiako me te Ākonga:

  • looks at kaiako and ākonga capabilities needed in teaching and learning from a Māori lens

  • helps build powerful learning-focused relationships

  • provides clarity about what is to be learnt

  • involves ākonga in the assessment of their learning

  • promotes further learning

  • encourages kaiako and ākonga to reflect on their teaching and learning process

  • gives clarity around what the next steps in learning are

  • shapes effective professional learning opportunities.

Afl archway

Leading by Learning

Leading by Learning principles underpin all of our interactions with you.

  • approach interactions with a deep sense of self-respect and respect for others

  • genuinely seek and test the validity of the information they use to solve problems

  • ensure mutual commitment to decisions made.

Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi

We are committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi and strengthening bicultural practices across our organisation and in our work in schools and kura. This also means ensuring we maintain an explicit focus on increasing achievement of Māori learners and ākonga. 

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