Literacy PLD

Build your literacy skills so you focus on more than reading and writing with your students.

Why focus on literacy as part of your professional learning

All teachers teach literacy. A school-wide focus on literacy is likely to raise learner achievement, increase learning, and improve wellbeing.

Teachers need accurate knowledge of reading and writing progression, curriculum level expectations, effective pedagogy and the capability to monitor the impact of practices on student learning.

A school-wide focus on literacy will:

  • support teachers to notice and respond to students’ literacy learning needs

  • help students develop skills in all aspects of literacy

  • make reading and writing an exciting and worthwhile adventure

  • embed technology to accelerate learning

  • develop culturally responsive literacy teaching

  • embed dependable assessment tools

  • make sense of assessment data

  • keep a focus on student achievement and acceleration towards ‘closing the gap’

  • NCEA literacy requirements.

What outcomes are you going to see for your learners?

  • Acceleration of priority learners.

  • Improved teaching and learning that enable shifts in student achievement.

  • Schools are able to sustain inquiry and knowledge building processes that support ongoing improvement.