Learning support specialist services

Find appropriate learning support and disability guidance when it is most needed.

Why work with a learning support specialist?

One in five young people in our education system requires a level of additional support to reach their potential. They may have learning difficulties, disabilities, disruptive behaviour, be disadvantaged, or have mental health concerns.

Timely access to information, advice, and support – including practical strategies – is critically important. You want to know that you can act effectively and in the best interests of your ākonga.

Our learning support consultancy services

We can support kura, schools and kāhui ako. We offer face-to-face or online support across a range of relevant topics, such as:

  • learning support and disabilities policies and procedures development.

  • learning support middle and senior leadership appointments.

  • learning support PLD opportunities for kura, school, and kāhui ako PLD.

  • specialist schools principal and senior management appraisals.

  • kura/school-wide positive behaviour support systems and planning.

  • personalised support for learning support co-ordinators, special education needs co-ordinators, teachers, and teacher aides.

How we work with you

  • We respond to your needs. We know that learning support requires taking an individualised approach: we work in culturally responsive ways and we'll plan professional learning with you that suits your needs and budget.

  • Informed by practical experience, research, and learning support policy: our consultants are specialists in their field. They know the learning support sector and what is needed for all ākonga to experience equity and excellence. We draw on our extensive knowledge of educational policy and practice. Our professional learning support is informed by key documents such as Tatāiako (cultural competencies, Tapasā, and the Ministry of Education’s Learning Support Action Plan 2019-2025).

  • Evaluative: we devise markers of success, to check progress.

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