Supporting English language learners

Build your capability to work with English language learners.

Why this course is relevant for teachers and teacher aides

Communication is critical for learning. Many of the ākonga you support speak languages other than English. They often require additional support from you so that they can progress in their learning.

What to expect

This is a one-day workshop. You will learn with and from others in this interactive workshop. The workshop will focus on building your key understanding and give you loads of practical support that you can start to implement with the ākonga you support. 

Learning outcomes

You will learn:

  • the importance of valuing and using the linguistic and cultural resources of English language learners (ELL's)

  • the stages of additional language acquisition

  • the English language learners progression (ELLP) matrices / ELLP Pathway

  • some evidence-based practical approaches and strategies to support ELL's with:

  1. vocabulary learning

  2. oral language development

  3. reading and writing skills development

Who this course is for

This course is suitable for grade A, B, C, or D teacher aides.

This course is suitable for all teachers.

How this course is delivered

A face-to-face full one-day workshop or online

How this course aligns to the Teacher Aide Competencies

This course connects to these competencies:

  • communication

  • learning support

  • languages

Teacher investment

$360 + GST per person.

Teacher aide investment

This workshop costs $360.00 + GST per participant.

Teacher aides who have applied for funding from the Ministry of Education. Please note you will NOT be able to enrol unless you have received your teacher aides' application reference number (ARN). This number is needed to register for this course.

For information on the process of applying for Ministry funding and to access the full terms and conditions, including details on possible travel costs, please visit the Ministry of Education's website.

Easy to follow application process

Click on the image below to see the easy to follow Teacher aide MOE PLD application process.

Teacher aide MOE PLD application process

MOE PLD funding flowchart

09 Apr 2024

Location: Online

Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm


03 May 2024

Location: Online

Time: 9:30am - 2:30pm