The West Coast Way

The West Coast Principals’ Association (WCPA) had a common vision for its students which led to the formation of the following inquiry: By developing students’ skills of self-regulation, can their achievement be accelerated?

WCPA created The West Coast Way (WCW) Project as a means of fulfilling its vision. With support from the MoE and local businesses, Evaluation Associates was contracted to facilitate a tailored programme in order to test the inquiry.

Every teacher in nearly every primary school participated, with many secondary teachers attending voluntarily.

The impact of EA’s support was evident in the richness of classroom practice
on display at the project’s September EXPO, which included digital classroom images, artifacts and student voice.

“I know I’m getting better at my writing,” said one student. “Look, no paragraphs in March. Today ... see ... paragraphs. Now I’m working on speech marks.”