Principal professional learning groups

Learn with other principals, supported by a leadership advisor

The demands on school leaders to navigate increasingly complex environments, coupled with the intensity of day-to-day principalship, can leave little time for thinking about and developing your leadership. Professional learning groups provide a collegial learning environment. Principals are committed to facilitating each other’s learning in leadership development and wellbeing. Together they can learn in a safe and collaborative environment.

How we can help you

Leadership advisors from Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga have been contracted by the Ministry of Education to establish and facilitate up to 50 Principal Professional Learning Groups (PLG) throughout New Zealand since 2019.

Our aim is to develop strong reciprocal coaching practice which supports leadership learning.

Each professional learning group contains approximately five principals and the meetings will include:

  • what’s on top

  • collaborative inquiry and problem-solving

  • reciprocal coaching

  • professional reading

  • reflection.

Members of the group will co-construct collaborative inquiry areas of focus.

Principal professional learning groups meet once or twice each term using reciprocal coaching methodology as the basis for professional learning. Coaching reciprocity (Ako) is achieved by focusing on those behaviours which promote learning, and principals are encouraged to monitor their effectiveness at each PLG session

Impact of PLGs

Since 2019, over 200 established principals and tumuaki have joined a professional learning group. They love the challenge provided and the shared problem-solving.

Further information is available from your local Leadership Advisor.