School-wide appraisal systems

Can you hand on heart say your appraisal process is making a difference to your teachers’ teaching and your learners’ learning?

Do all your teachers have a shared understanding about what effective teaching looks like? And is this understanding explicitly linked to the Standards for the Teaching Profession?


We provide tailored in-school or cluster support to help you:

  • ensure your appraisal processes really support teacher learning
  • develop a shared picture of effective teaching across your school or cluster
  • unpack the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • clarify roles and responsibilities for appraisal processes in ways that ensure staff and leaders share responsibility
  • design and use teacher portfolios
  • support staff to set effective goals
  • design systems for collecting evidence for three key purposes: ongoing teacher learning, renewal of registration, and attestation
  • engage constructively in difficult appraisal conversations
  • write effective appraisal reports

Principal and senior leader appraisal service

Evaluation Associates consultants also offer a powerful external appraisal service to help principals and senior leaders develop to their full potential. Find out more here.

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 Why work with us?

We have leadership and expertise in appraisal

We are recognised leaders in appraisal systems, having worked with the Teaching Council to embed the Standards for the Teaching Profession over the last couple of years.

We are responsive to your needs

We recognise that no two schools have the same needs. With you, we’ll work to design appraisal systems that are just right for your school.

Appraisal systems that work

We work with you to design a system that meets the two-way goal of appraisal: professional development and accountability.

The right consultant

We have over 30 highly-skilled consultants experienced from primary to secondary. We’ll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.


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