Project evaluation

Want to know how things are working with a project you’ve been charged with implementing?

Use our evaluative capability to keep you informed.

We can provide:

      • project monitoring
      • formative evaluation and feedback to improve outcomes
      • summative evaluation of project impact and outcomes


For each project we work with you to develop a detailed plan that describes how the work will be carried out. Our evaluation plans include:

      • identification of project goals and objectives
      • the development of evaluation questions that address the achievement of the evaluation goals and objectives
      • identification of data sources/ stakeholders who can address the evaluation questions
      • details of how this data will be collected
      • frameworks and methods to be used in analysing the data
      • the timelines in which the project will be managed
      • the budget for the project.

        Why work with us?

        Evaluation experience and expertise

        We have extensive experience in evaluation and many satisfied clients. Evaluation is in our name and it's what we do!

        Experienced evaluators

        We have highly-skilled consultants experienced in project evaluation. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.

        We respond to your needs

        With you, we'll design an evaluative process that will keep you informed according to your needs.

        Data analysis know-how

        We were the first education company in New Zealand to routinely measure progress in student achievement using effect sizes as part of PLD. We understand data and how to present it in ways that helps quality analysis.