PLD Services tailored for Kāhui Ako

Our consultants provide a range of services to Kāhui Ako across the country. Examples of these include: Expert Partners support, Change Manager positions, the Emerging Leaders Project and a variety of professional learning and development programmes tailored to the needs of each setting.

New approaches to the delivery of professional learning and development are required in today’s education environment. This is particularly true when supporting the PLD plans of large Kāhui Ako.

How can EA consultants support your Kāhui Ako?

Examples of Kāhui Ako support include:

  • Planning, co-designing, coordinating and implementing large scale, multi-site, PLD delivery programmes.
  • Visioning and considering appropriate strategic frameworks

    • Coherent Pathways Tool
    • Kāhui Ako Progress Maps (MoE)
  • Revising achievement challenges with Kāhui Ako leaders and strategically planning the implementation process.
  • Supporting bi-cultural partnerships with whānau, iwi, hapū and/or rūnanga.
  • Monitoring progress – Kāhui Ako capability as well as student progress and capability.
    • Curriculum Progress Tools and other tools such as e-asTTle
  • Delivering effective Emerging Leaders programmes designed by each Kāhui Ako and focusing on the enablement of across, within, existing middle leaders of learning and those aspiring to become middle leaders.
  • The use of ‘design thinking’ to co-construct unique ways of;
    • addressing challenges
    • creating a Kāhui Ako theory of improvement
    • monitoring progress
    • effectively activating PLD opportunities.
  • Strategic planning support for leaders.

Effective delivery methods used when supporting Kāhui Ako 

EA consultants co-design innovative delivery approaches with each Kāhui Ako. Examples include:

  • Learning Forums – pop up groups of interested teachers who come together to share successes and/or problems of practice. This teacher to teacher enablement approach recognises (unhides) and benefits from existing professional knowledge and practice.
  • Together is Better – one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of supporting teacher practice is within classrooms. Dylan Wiliam suggests Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies can double the pace of learning when used ‘minute by minute, day by day’ consistently across a whole school. The OECD supports this and EA consultants are experts in coaching middle leaders to work alongside teachers as they develop their AfL skills.
  • Weka Walk/Roadshows – within and/or across Kāhui Ako teachers and leaders travel to other schools to view and discuss effective practice such as secondary integrated curriculum design (currently a popular example).
  • Double Diamond Hacks – a Universal Design for Learning strategy for addressing problems of practice through collaboration.
  • Thru Inquiry - as a theory of improvement, when an inquiry process is commonly understood by teachers it clarifies where improvement is necessary and provides deliberate ways to implement change.
  • Jumbo Days – co-designed days when Kāhui Ako schools come together to achieve momentum in key areas of their strategic plan, benefiting from the collaborative relationship-building opportunities.
  • Teacher Exchange – teachers benefit from the wider professional opportunities and experiences available across the Kāhui Ako. This initiative enables teachers to work with others for an appropriately extended period of time. Conditions understandably apply, e.g. primary/primary, primary/secondary etc.
  • Induction – helping Kāhui Ako set up ways of supporting newly appointed teachers and teacher positions, enabling sustainability of key practices and procedures (inquiry, bi-cultural protocols etc.)

Our facilitators have considerable experience in delivering responsive PLD options and opportunities to Kāhui Ako across a wide range of content areas. Please contact us if you would like a consultant to discuss ideas and options with you.