Do your students have the necessary literacy skills to access all the learning areas of our curriculum?

We can support your teachers to improve their skills in teaching all aspects of literacy.

Literacy is central to students' ability to make progress in their learning. Students need to do more than simply read and write; they need to be able to use their reading and writing as interactive tools to meet learning purposes across the curriculum.

Our consultants can help to improve teachers' pedagogical content knowledge in literacy, so that they can understand and better meet all their students' diverse literacy needs.

We can support leaders and teachers to:


  • determine their teachers' and students' literacy learning needs
  • inquire into the impact of their literacy teaching on their students
  • use literacy assessment information more effectively to meet students' needs
  • plan effective literacy programmes.

Why work with us? 

Wide experience and expertise in literacy

Our consultants have deep knowledge of the effective literacy practices.  Our team have worked in the area of literacy for over 15 years and team members have had and currently have national leadership roles in literacy.

We respond to your needs

We recognise that no two schools are the same. With you, we'll plan curriculum support and/or review that suits your needs and your budget

Specialised curriculum knowledge

Our consultants have specialised pedagogical content knowledge in literacy. We have been working with teachers to improve their capabilities in the teaching of literacy for many years.

The right consultant

We have experienced consultants who work  in primary, intermediate and secondary schools. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.