Learning-focused conversations

Want to build a culture in your school where you can tackle tricky conversations (rather than avoid them) and get results with everyone’s mana remaining intact?

Build your skills in having those difficult conversations

Having the interpersonal skills to influence and mobilise others to achieve shared goals is critical for leaders. Leaders frequently need to manage situations that involve competing views and tension in relationships – for example, when dealing with parental complaints or an issue around teacher effectiveness. The ability to have effective learning-focused conversations, sometimes referred to as courageous conversations or Open-to-Learning™, is central. When school leadership teams are trained to understand and engage in learning-focused conversations, there is likely to be a significant impact on the learning outcomes of students.

We can support leaders at all levels of the school through coaching, modelling and role training to:

      • provide effective feedback to teachers on their practice
      • develop a strong theory for communication which builds relational trust in the school
      • examine the gap between the theory and their practice
      • apply the theory in real situations, especially in those conversations which they find difficult.

One-off courses seldom result in deep understanding and lasting change. We can work with you to design a course of professional learning to make a real difference to the relational trust within your school. We are also able to provide coaches in learning-focused conversations with whom you can work on an ‘on-call’ basis to plan and rehearse difficult conversations before you have them.

Why work with us?

Experience and expertise

We have extensive training in learning-focused conversation theory and practice. It's what we use for our practice analysis conversations with teachers, and it works.

Improvements in relational trust

Our facilitators can take you beyond understanding of the theory to skilled application and practical competence that will make a real difference to the relationships in your school.

Responsiveness to your needs

With you, we'll design professional learning that will make a difference. It might include leaders' meetings, one-to-one or video coaching and feedback.

Ongoing evaluation

Money for PLD is a precious resource - you need to know you're getting your money's worth! We set up processes for ongoing evaluation of the PLD, so we can keep steering in the right direction.

Consultants with deep expertise in open to learning

We have over 20 highly-skilled consultants experienced from primary to secondary. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.

Coaching for leaders and teachers

We regularly coach senior and middle leaders to conduct productive conversations with their teams. Our experienced consultants can meet virtually or face-to-face as regularly as you need them and work with you on your real-life situations.

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