Kaupapa Māori

Are you looking for ways to measure progress in your reo rua unit?

Ki te kore he kitenga, me aha rā tātou? Without a clear vision, what can we do?

We can help pouārahi and kaiako to define what success looks like so that they can measure progress.

We support pouārahi and kaiako to:

  • use Rukuhia Rarangahia to co-construct workable definitions of achievement in the Māori-medium unit
  • broaden the definition of achievement from academic to include cultural achievement and progress in te reo Māori
  • develop frameworks that recognise progress and achievement of bilingual learners
  • develop systems for gathering and collating the assessment information
  • analyse and interpret assessment information
  • make decisions in a timely manner that support improved learning and teaching
  • share and report assessment information to students, whānau and iwi.

Are you looking for support to increase the cultural competence in your school?

Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu. With feathers a bird will fly.


We can support your pouārahi and kaiako to understand and improve.

We work with pouārahi and kaiako to:

  • collaborate with Māori students, parents, whānau and local iwi to develop shared understandings about what “success as Māori” would like at your school
  • use Ka Hikitia and Tātaiako to explore how teachers and leaders can enable Māori students to achieve greater success
  • work through an inquiry process to examine what the needs or issues are
  • establish strategic goals and how these will be resourced
  • evaluate progress towards these goals in agreed time frames.

Why work with us?

 Knowledge and experience

Our consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of teaching and learning in kura and dual-medium schools, and are comfortable in both worlds.

Responsiveness to your needs 

With you, we’ll design support that’s just right for you – it might include staff meetings, teacher only days, PLG support, leadership coaching.

Improvements in achievement

Years of experience in kura and dual-medium schools means we can help you make huge improvements in student progress and achievement.

Ongoing evaluation

Money for PLD is a precious resource. We set up processes for ongoing evaluation of the PLD, so we can keep steering in the right direction.


"Working with Ruth on assessment and teaching as inquiry has resulted in accelerated progress for our students. The teaching as inquiry process is now well embedded in our school. Our teachers have deeper understanding of using data effectively to raise student achievement. We celebrate our students' achievements and progress.”

Dudley Adams, Deputy Principal and leader of Te Whānau Awhina Clendon Park school