Innovative learning environments

On the path to new buildings and needing support to bring staff and the community with you?

Or keen to push the boundaries of teaching and learning but not sold on the term ‘modern’ learning environments?

You’re in the right place.

Find out how we can help you embrace the pedagogy of innovative learning environments, whether your buildings are modern or not!

We provide tailored in-school or cluster support to help you:

      • build teaching and learning practices that have flexibility and collaboration at their heart
      • design coherent learning pathways that are visible to all
      • ensure students deeply understand their role as learners and their teachers’ roles as teachers
      • ensure buildings, equipment and technologies extend the boundaries of your school and extend the networks available to students.


Innovative learning practices can be implemented in older buildings. It just needs a bit more thinking to figure out how to maximise student and teacher collaboration when you have single cell spaces.

Key readings include:

Why work with us?


We have wide experience in leading schools through the changes needed for effective teaching and learning in teachers, in New Zealand and internationally, to maximise the potential of students. Our Christchurch team members, led by Steve Edwards, one of our National Managers of PLD Services, are leading figures in the work being done on the Christchurch transformation project known as Grow Waitaha.

We respond to your needs

With you, we'll design support that's just right for you - it might include in-school coaching, staff meetings, teacher only days, IT advice, change management support, design thinking and prototyping.

The right consultant

We have a team of highly-skilled consultants. We'll be sure to find exactly the right person to meet your needs.

In-class modelling

Our consultants are comfortable in any teaching space, modelling innovative strategies to maximise learning.

Change management support

New initiatives succeed only when the change management processes are in place. We help you support your staff through the change process.

Ongoing evaluation

Money for PLD is a precious resource - you need to know you're getting your money's worth! We set up processes for ongoing PLD evaluation, so we can keep steering in the right direction.

Coaching for leaders and teachers

Our consultants are experienced coaches. They can meet virtually or face-to-face as regularly as you need them.



"Mary has been working with our school for 18 months. During that time she has established excellent working relationships with all of our staff. Her guidance, expert knowledge and patience has been fundamental to our school successfully beginning to develop effective collaborative educational pedagogies. Over the last two years we have transitioned our school from single cell classrooms to shared collaborative learning environments. Mary has been an integral part of our journey as she has facilitated professional learning and development for all staff. This has included working with the senior leadership team as we developed an understanding of collaboration and built a ‘Vision for Learning’. It also included support for the teachers as they developed effective collaborative pedagogies whilst working in shared learning spaces."

 Adam Cels, Principal, Te Huruhi School

"Thank you so much for the staff meeting you ran yesterday with the Year 0-4 teachers. You have a real knack for highlighting the research in a meaningful way and being a gentle catalyst for a different and better approach. I've already received positive feedback from those who attended - which I must admit surprised me a little as sometimes the idea of a new way can cause a bit of discomfort and this is a new approach for all of those who attended. Well done!!"

Ashgrove School

"The presentation (at the Principals' Association Hui) was very clear and provided the background and rationale (for ILE)."

Principal of Canterbury ILE school