Home-school partnerships

Are you happy with your reporting to parents and whānau? Are they? Do you want to deepen connections with your community?

Strengthen the ties between your school and your community.

There is substantial evidence that students learn best when they are able to build strong, learning-focused relationships with those who mediate and support their learning, their teachers, their family/whānau and wider community.

We can work with you in a number of ways to design support that meets your school and community needs.


Reporting to parents

Each child’s parents and whānau are the first and most important teachers. Building learning-focussed relationships and connections between students, teachers, parents and whānau is vital for each child’s ongoing learning and success.

Student-led conferences

Student-led conferences are an increasingly common way for schools to carry out some of their information sharing with parents. They give students an opportunity to share their growth as a learner with their parents.

Open to learning conversations

It can sometimes be difficult to talk to parents about where their students are at in their learning. We train teachers and leaders to use open-to-learning practices so that they can have those difficult conversations. 

Community perception surveys

We have a range of community perception surveys that you can use to gather information to improve relationships for learning with your parents and wider community. We are also able to support you to collate and analyse this and plan actions as a result of the findings.

Why work with us?

Experience and expertise

We have extensive expertise within the company on the principles and practices of effective reporting to parents. We have written the guides on reporting to parents on TKI.

Improvements in community relationships

Our consultants can take you beyond understanding of the theory of effective communication to productive and collaborative relationships with your community.

We're responsive to your needs

With you, we'll design professional learning that will make a difference. It might include leaders' meetings, staff meetings in-class coaching.

Change management support

New initiatives succeed only when the change management processes are in place. We help you support your staff through the change process.

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