Leadership Advisor Specific Support for Principals

Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide support to principals/ngā tumuaki across the 10 Ministry of Education regions of New Zealand.

Leadership Advisors are available to respond to principal requests for support to help resolve a specific need.

This support is expected to complement existing principal support services from NZPF, SPANZ, NZEI, PPTA and NZSTA.  These organisations may recommend the leadership advisor service to principals contacting their helplines. 

Principals are encouraged to contact the leadership advisor service when they are seeking support to respond to a need in areas such as:

  • strategic relationships with staff, BoT and/or community
  • strategic planning and internal evaluation processes, including curriculum review
  • leadership capability within the school
  • planning in relation to ERO review recommendations
  • planning to positively impact on low levels of student engagement and achievement
  • Principal’s understanding of their governance role.

Specific support will not relate to:

  • Identified financial/ audit risks
  • Property issues
  • Industrial/employment disputes
  • Board governance – in relation to the BoT role
  • Legislative changes
  • Legal matters.

Once a principal has requested support, a leadership advisor will co-construct with the principal the nature of the specific support required. Support is envisaged as typically lasting one to two terms. It is up to each principal to contact Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga. Contact details are listed below for each region. 

Region  Key contact  Email address  Phone number
Māori Medium (Nationally)

Puti Gardiner


021 442 579
 Tai Tokerau, Waikato, and
Bay of Plenty/Waiariki
Paul Manson p.manson@evaluate.co.nz 021 682 799
Auckland Region

Steve Bovaird s.bovaird@evaluate.co.nz 021 480 868

Central South region
(North Island)

Geoff Childs g.childs@evaluate.co.nz 027 294 3701
Southern region
(South Island)
Grant Stedman g.stedman@evaluate.co.nz 027 415 7983