Principal Professional Learning Groups

Leadership is central to school improvement and yet we have few formal and planned structures to develop and sustain school leaders.

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How we can help you 

Leadership Advisors from Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga have been contracted by the Ministry of Education to establish and facilitate up to 50 Principal Professional Learning Groups (PLG) throughout New Zealand during 2019.

Our aim is to develop strong reciprocal coaching practice which supports leadership learning.

The first PLG commenced in term 2 2019 and are continuing into 2020.


Each PLG will contain approximately five principals and the meetings will include:

  • What’s on top
  • Collaborative inquiry/problem-solving
  • Reciprocal coaching
  • Professional reading/reflection.

Members of the group will co-construct collaborative inquiry areas of focus.

Further information is available from your local Principal Leadership Advisor.


 Key contact

 Email address

 Phone number

Tai Tokerau, Waikato, and 
Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Paul Manson

021 682 799

Auckland Region

Steve Bovaird

021 480 868

Central South region
(North Island)

Geoff Childs

027 294 3701

Southern region
(South Island)

Grant Stedman

027 415 7983