National Library review


Developments in government policy, along with rapidly changing technology and education environments meant it was timely to review the National Library’s services to schools, and to evaluate the strategic and operational opportunities that would enable the library to continue to add public value in these fast changing landscapes.

The review would position the Library for a future that enabled it to support the attainment of the best possible educational outcomes for students and best value for money.

The National Library contracted our director, Mary Chamberlain, to undertake the review.


The objectives of the review were to:

      • identify and assess National Library’s role in providing services to schools and in supplementing and furthering the work of school libraries, in relation to government policy, priorities and drivers
      • review and assess the current service model in relation to policy priorities to determine cost-effectiveness and fit for purpose in a changing technology and education environment
      • identify and evaluate the strategic and operational opportunities for the service to provide content and services through the Network for Learning (N4L)
      • recommend next steps based on the review’s findings

A report was developed drawing on:

      • a desk review of papers
      • interviews with key stakeholders
      • focus groups held with strategic partners and clients
      • focus groups and interviews with staff in Palmerston North, Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington.


A comprehensive report was produced and published, evaluating the National Library services in relation to changing education and technology environments.

A number of recommendations were made in the report, and the National Library’s leadership is working through them in order of priority.