Grow Waitaha - Christchurch transformation



As a result of a significant school rebuild project in Christchurch, the Ministry contracted four organisations to work as an alliance to support schools to make the most of flexible, collaborative teaching and learning spaces. Evaluation Associates works alongside Leadership Lab, Massey University and CORE Education. Other partners in the alliance are Ngāi Tahu, the Ministry of Education, and the various principal networks across Christchurch. The project started in June 2015.


There is a real desire for effective collaboration in this project, so that schools benefit from the strengths of everyone involved in the alliance.

We support schools to prepare their Education Brief from which architects and engineers design of new school buildings. We also provide professional learning and development, working alongside schools as they reconceptualise their vision, values and beliefs, their curriculum, their curriculum delivery, and their collaborative approach to flexible teaching and learning.

We are involved in the active monitoring of the transformation project through the Puaka governance group for Grow Waitaha.

The pace of change in the greater Christchurch area is fast and positive. It's a privilege to work at the leading edge of this innovative programme with kura, schools, Ngāi Tahu, the other alliance partners, and the Ministry of Education.


To explore stories of impact, go to the Grow Waitaha website where you will find a wealth of resources including:

  • Our Stories - stories, videos, and images of new or updated buildings and spaces across Canterbury and beyond. We explain how these spaces are being activated for learners via innovative teaching methods.
  • Our Kete - relevant processes and useful resources and educational stories to support the growth of Waitaha
  • Resources resources, readings and links to support reflection and deeper thinking about transformation in education.