Clients and partners

We practise what we preach in terms of our belief in the power of collaboration.

We work with the following organisations on current or recently completed projects:

The New Zealand Ministry of Education

We are contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide: 

  • centrally-funded PLD for schools, kura, and Kāhui Ako
  • Leadership Advisor support for principals - we support all beginning principals across Aotearoa in their first two years of principalship, as well as providing ongoing support for established principals.
  • Curriculum Progress Tool support
  • e-asTTle support and workshops across the country  
  • support for Kāhui Ako as Change Managers and Expert Partners
  • Local Curriculum Design workshops in conjunction with our partners CORE Education
  • assessment expertise to Assessment Online TKI

New Zealand schools

Evaluation Associates has worked with over 400 primary, intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand over the past 20 years. These schools range from very small one teacher schools to large secondary schools, in locations spanning the length and breadth of the country. We pride ourselves on having worked with the leaders and teachers in those schools to make a real difference to the quality of teaching and learning.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade contracted Evaluation Associates to undertake a review of the effectiveness of performance incentives in education aid.

The Teaching Council of New Zealand

We were contracted by the Teaching Council of New Zealand to provide appraisal workshops across the country in partnership with The Education Group and inspirED ECE.

Arinui Ltd. 

Evaluation Associates developed Arinui, an online appraisal tool for educators, in partnership with The Tarn Group, a bespoke digital solutions company. After a three year project phase, Arinui Ltd. was formed as a company in its own right in 2018. We continue a partnership with Arinui Ltd. 


We work in association with NZCER on assessment related projects. We have provided advice on the development and implementation of the e-asTTle writing tool, and the redevelopment of the Assessment Resource Bank.