Project co-ordinator - Leadership Services Portfolio

Zofia is the project co-ordinator for our leadership services portfolio. In this role she actively works in our leadership advisor contract where she supports over 35 staff around the country. She works closely with Diane Manners, National Manager Leadership Services, and with other key leaders in the company.

Zofia is based in our Wellington office and is responsible for the following:

  • Checking and maintaining accuracy of project data
  • Producing a range of reports each school term
  • Checking, analysing and calculating data for reporting each school term
  • Resolving technical issues and ensuring customised reporting files are functional

Previously Zofia held senior business relationship management roles in sales before she moved into project management.

Zofia has a Bachelor of Arts in Law, German and French and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Business Administration.

Outside of work, she runs a recycling initiative in her local community and school and enjoys bush walking.