Paul Manson

Leadership Consultant

Paul is a leadership consultant in Auckland. He has a depth of expertise and experience in assisting schools to build evaluative capability, effectively lead sustainable improvement, and develop culturally responsive practice.

Paul is experienced in educational leadership, having been a principal for twenty years in Southland, Franklin, and Auckland. He has also held leadership positions in the Ministry of Education.

Paul has expertise in:

  • coaching and mentoring

  • change leadership

  • school evaluation and review

  • charter development and annual planning

  • the New Zealand Curriculum and local curriculum design

  • teaching as inquiry.

He has assisted schools to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of Treaty Partnership, in which the uniqueness of our New Zealand context becomes a key principle underpinning better learning relationships in the classroom.

Paul enjoys music, especially jazz and blues, and has been a member of several choirs. He also has an interest in photography and travel.