Jo Moy

PLD Consultant

Jo works as an education consultant out of our Auckland office. She works with schools in the following areas:

  • assessment for learning

  • learner agency

  • teaching as inquiry

  • collaborative inquiry

  • innovative (modern) learning practices.

Jo is passionate about developing learner agency and learners being in the driving seat of their own learning. When driving we have an idea for a destination – perhaps a bit of a map of the territory; we have hands on the wheel, steering – making decisions as the journey unfolds. This is crucially related to the core process of noticing how it’s going and how that relates to where we want to be. When it comes to learning, these core processes are the key to being an effective learner. They involve planning, monitoring, and reflecting.

An important part of Jo’s work involves working with schools to develop a shared understanding of the conditions that are required to support, encourage and foster learner agency. She holds strong beliefs about using evidence to inform teaching and learning, and about building relationships focused on learning across all levels of the school. She supports teachers to strengthen learner engagement, take greater ownership of their learning and accelerate achievement across all curriculum.

Jo enjoys working with schools to develop their learners’ (teachers and students) assessment capability, believing this to be fundamental to establishing a shared language of learning and the ability to drive their own learning.

Key themes in her work are collaboration, student and teacher agency, and teaching as inquiry.

In her spare time, Jo loves to read, collect and drink wine, garden, go camping with family and friends and organise dinner parties.

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