"There is nothing better than seeing students engaged in learning, producing impressive outcomes and co-constructing with teachers and fellow students."

Steve Edwards

National Manager - PLD Services
Steve is one of our National Managers of Professional Leading and Development. A key part of this role at Evaluation Associates is to manage the quality and impact of all our professional learning and development (PLD) work and using this to inform our practice as an organisation. Steve is also a very highly regarded consultant due to his depth of expertise and the positive way in which he works with others.  

He currently works with schools in the following areas: 

  • Leading change
  • School management including charter development
  • 21st century curriculum design and delivery
  • Collaborative teaching and learning practices
  • In partnership with iwi to establish cultural narratives with and for schools
  • Assessment for learning
  • Effective use of digital technologies
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Teacher and principal appraisal
  • Learning-focused conversations
  • OTJ moderation
  • The development of Education Briefs – readiness for rebuilds and new builds. 

Steve comes from a teaching background including primary principalship. His recent roles have included:

  • Leading the Christchurch based Assess to Learn (AtoL) programme.
  • Leading the Southern Team for the Consortium for Professional Learning – CPL
  • Establishing cluster based PLD in greater Christchurch, in partnership with the MoE and another PLD provider.
  • Providing external support for schools as they prepare educationally for rebuilds and new builds – primary and secondary. This innovative, future focused programme, called Grow Waitaha, looks at how best to provide engaging, collaborative opportunities for students to learn in new ways,
  • Developing excellent teacher practice so it becomes even more effective, using digital technologies and current research

Reflecting the current emphasis on innovative, flexible teaching and learning practices, Steve assists schools to effectively set up and deliver sequential PLD programmes that support teachers, students, family and whānau through this period of significant and exciting educational change.

Steve enjoys a wide range of sporting interests. His two children perform at the highest levels in a number of sports so supporting them from the stands occupies family time.

Some of the schools from around the region Steve has worked with recently are:

  • St Martin’s School
  • Karoro School
  • Loburn School
  • Kaikoura High School
  • Oxford Area School
  • Ashgrove School


"I really appreciate your support with all of this. Yesterday was a great day, full on but very effective and an eye opener for me. It was great to have you come in and support me around the rooms. This is something I have always wanted to do as leader and to make sure it was managed in a safe environment."

Kaikoura High School

"You asked questions that put us in the right direction."

Oxford Area School