PLD Consultant - Manawatu

Accredited facilitator for MoE-funded PLD: See Summary of Practice

Karen is a PLD facilitator based in Manawatu. She works with primary, intermediate and secondary school leaders and teachers in the following areas:

  • Assessment for learning
  • Teaching as Inquiry
  • Literacy (Years 1-10)
  • Curriculum
  • Use of student voice to effect student agency
  • Practice Analysis observations and conversations
  • Leadership, mentoring and coaching leadership teams
  • Curriculum Progress Tools

Karen has had varying school leadership roles and has taught across all levels as a primary teacher. She worked as a Leadership and Assessment facilitator for several years and has a strong base in literacy. Over the last two years she has also been a facilitator for the MoE Accelerated Learning in Literacy (ALL) programme.

Karen has a deep understanding of the NZC and a particular interest in supporting schools to plan and develop a cohesive curriculum approach. She believes when students learn in a co-constructed and connected way, underpinned by strong assessment for learning capabilities, that they become increasingly motivated to engage and learn. Karen supports teachers to identify effective pedagogy and strengthen teaching practices as part of teaching as inquiry to accelerate student progress and achievement.

Karen enjoys working with leaders and teachers to develop co constructed observation processes and practice analysis. This supports leaders and teachers to inquire into their practice, based on evidence and the impact it has on student learning.

In her spare time Karen enjoys spending time with her family. Her ‘happy places’ include the Central Plateau, her garden and the organic dairy farm she lives on.


“Karen has built strong supportive relationships with all staff. She has worked with the whole staff and individuals, talking, modelling and scaffolding new learning. She has ensured reflective practice is part of the development and has been posit vein all feedback and feedforward. Karen has worked closely with me to keep the PLD focused and meeting the needs of the staff. She has also given me the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Karen is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and learning and this commands respect from the staff and myself.”


“We have achieved significant shift in our focus areas with returning very high effect sizes two years in a row. She has an intuitive ability to identify areas of need and put appropriate support in place- support that sees staff develop an dgrow in their practice. Karen is our school’s most valued critical friend and her visits are welcomed, as her questioning always requires a deep dig into assumptions, practice and pre-supposed justifications. She keeps research informed decisions at the fore and has developed this understanding across our staff. Karen has been a significant influence on as our school as we have turned education around for the good of the students- a rise in student achievement, teacher capability and roll have been positive experiences …all of which Karen’s facilitation has had a part to play in.”