PLD Consultant - Auckland office

Accredited facilitator for MoE-funded PLD - See Summary of Practice

Ally is an education consultant, currently based in Auckland. She has worked in a wide range of roles within education, including teaching (Years 1-10), middle leadership, distance education, pre-service and in-service teacher education, assessment resource development and research.

Ally has a strong background in primary science and future-focused education. She has a particular interest, and experience, in supporting educators to critically examine their current practices and to explore different ways of meeting the educational needs of young people in today’s rapidly changing world. She has also worked with schools to help them to connect more closely with families, whānau, and the wider community about issues in education.

She is committed to working towards a more equitable system for all learners in Aotearoa New Zealand and believes that an important aspect of this is supporting educators to become more aware of the assumptions that underpin their existing practices.

Ally has worked intensively in a number of schools, supporting them to develop their own local curricula to meet the needs of their specific communities. In particular, she has worked with schools to develop curricula that foreground the development of capabilities/ dispositions. She is committed to long term PLD that is underpinned by strong relationships of mutual respect. Some schools Ally has worked in recently include Mercury Bay Area School, Ngaio School and Balmoral School.

In her spare time Ally likes to read, garden, go for walks on the beach with her dogs and generally spend time in the outdoors.