Leadership Advisor - Wellington

Jan is a Leadership Advisor to schools in the Wellington region. She works primarily with beginning principals, and other principals when required.

Previously, Jan was principal of Bellevue School in Newlands, Wellington for twelve and a half years. During this time, she was an active member of local principal associations and served a term as president of Wellington Regional Principals Association (WRPPA) – a collection of approximately 200 schools. She considers it important for all principals to maintain contact with other principals and gain support from principal associations. Jan was also a member of a MOE reference group for students with special educational needs.

Jan has been working alongside beginning principals as a mentor since 2011, coaching them to reflect on their practice and develop a shared culture of improvement where all staff understand and share the aspirations and goals for the school. She supports beginning principals as they grow their leadership capacity.

Jan lives in Wellington with her husband Kevin and has three adult children, all of whom live in the area. She is a beginning grandparent and a keen traveller.