Leadership Advisor - Canterbury

Peter is one of three Canterbury Leadership Advisors. 

He was the Principal at Belfast School for 23 years as part of 31 years altogether as a principal across a variety of settings. He is a former President of NZPF, CPPA and a past Chair of the NZEI Principals' Council. In these roles Peter has supported principals in both formal and informal settings.

His current role will mainly involve working with first time principals but he will be available to support other principals as required.

Specifically, this support will include:

  • targeted, tailored and timely support for beginning tumuaki/principals to meet their individual needs
  • assisting beginning tumuaki/principals to understand their role in school management, governance and leading the school strategically.
  • coaching  beginning tumuaki/principals to identify their areas for development and growth as leaders and plan how these needs will be met.
  • enabling tumuaki/principals to focus on their leadership of learning as well as attend to administrative tasks.
  • supporting and enabling beginning tumuaki/principals to engage in increasingly robust inquiry into how their leadership practice can make a positive difference to student learning and reflecting regularly with them on it.

Peter lives at Woodend with his wife Adrienne who is the DP at the local school. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. Peter’s interests include his family, golf, gardening, reading and a nice red!!