PLD Consultant - Auckland office
Jana works part time as an education consultant out of our Auckland office. She works with schools in the following areas:

  • Learner agency
  • eLearning
  • Communities of Learning I Kahui Ako
  • Assessment for learning
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Collaborative inquiry
  • Designing rich and relevant learning

Jana is passionate about developing learner agency. An important part of her work involves working with schools to develop a shared understanding of the conditions that are required to support, encourage and foster learner agency. She supports teachers to design rich, real and relevant learning, to take time to know each learner and to evaluate if they are hitting the ‘sweet spot’ of their learning.

Jana works with teachers and schools to develop their and their students’ assessment capability, believing this to be fundamental to establishing a shared language of and responsibility for learning. She has considerable experience and expertise in capturing and recording student voice, using this as a vehicle to support her own and others’ professional inquiries into teaching and learning.

Jana has a master’s degree (MPhil) focused on implementing online systems to share learning stories with all stakeholders - students, parents and teachers. These online learning stories illustrated the learning process and were a part of the schools' reporting processes. Stories are supported with evidence including student voice, self-reporting through conversations and feedback from the student to the teacher. Jana is now furthering her study, working towards her doctorate in learner agency in online formative assessment processes.

Jana also works for Stonefields School in Auckland, and as an Across School Teacher for the school’s associated Community of Learning I Kāhui Ako. This current teaching experience is complementary to her work with us as an education consultant.

In her spare time, Jana loves to socialise, study, cook, cycle and run. After living in beautiful Mt Maunganui for 13 years, she is now loving the Auckland lifestyle and all it has to offer, including wining, dining and the arts.