The biggest challenge for schools is figuring out how to achieve successful outcomes for those students who don’t find learning easy. How we meet this challenge is the ultimate test of a great teacher, leader, school, facilitator, and education system.

Allan Powell

National Manager - PLD Services

Allan works as team leader and an education consultant out of our Auckland office. He works with schools in the following areas:

  • Assessment for learning
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Open-to-Learning conversations
  • Principal and senior leader appraisal
  • Mentoring and coaching school leaders and leadership teams
  • National Standards support
  • Student-led conferences
  • Data analysis

Allan is an experienced facilitator with a wide range of knowledge and skills which enable him to tailor professional learning to the specific needs of the schools in which he works. One of his facilitation strengths is supporting teachers and leaders to build robust inquiry processes to address achievement issues. He believes this is the key to sustainable change and improvement in schools.

Allan has worked as a leadership and assessment facilitator for a number of years and, prior to that, supported schools through the Assess to Learn professional development contract. He has a wealth of knowledge of assessment-for-learning principles and how to grow students’ ‘learning to learn’ skills, and also of the skills leaders need to build a learning-focused school.

Allan's Master’s degree dissertation focused on Open-to-Learning (OTL) theory and practice. He has acted as tutor and marker for post-graduate studies in OTL conversations and supported Viviane Robinson in OTL research coding and course delivery at the University of Auckland. At Evaluation Associates we refer to this theory and practice as learning-focused conversations (LFC) and Allan has much experience in supporting schools in this area. 

Allan hails from the north, growing up in Whangarei. He has, however, lived in Auckland for about 20 years now, and calls the North Shore home. He loves to travel, and usually uses his annual leave to disappear to international destinations. He is also a keen (if not skilled) golfer.

Here are some of the schools Allan has worked with recently:

  • Papakura Normal School
  • Wiri Central school
  • Northcote Primary School
  • Sunnynook Primary School


“I really see the purpose in school-wide targets for the first time!”

Principal for over 20 years

“Thanks so much for last week. We [senior leadership team] have said several times how beneficial it was and how much professional wisdom we gain from you.”

Deputy Principal