Glen Taylor School

The principal of Glen Taylor School knows that her students are capable of achieving as well as any other students in New Zealand.

The desire to significantly improve the life chances of her students led the principal to develop a multi-year partnership with EA.

We provided skilled classroom modelling and coaching to enable teachers to shape powerful opportunities for learning, and for learning how to learn.

We supplied expertise in assessment and evaluation systems to ensure that all students, staff, parents/whanau and the board had timely, relevant information about how learning was progressing on which to base decisions about how to make things even better.

We provided an independent perspective on where things had got to and what might still be done. We provided mentoring for the senior leadership team to help them keep on track.

Glen Taylor is a success, with students who are engaged, competent learners who hold high expectations of their ability to learn and achieve that is also shared by their parents and teachers.