De La Salle College

This year 7 to 13 boys’ school in South Auckland is determined
to give its mainly Pasifika students the best learning opportunities possible.

Facilitators from EA have been working with the school for the past three years to help embed the best teaching and learning practices at each level of the school.

Teachers in the classroom have been supported, through observation and feedback, to employ research-based strategies proven to enhance student achievement and to differentiate learning based on evidence.

Faculty heads have worked with the EA facilitator, cross-curricular, to develop their skills in creating open-to-learning relationships with their staff, and their capacity to be true leaders of learning.

Senior leaders have worked with EA to develop an on-going programme of professional learning and development to ensure that changes in practice can be sustained and further improved.

The school has a growing reputation within and beyond its community for achievement results which exceed expectations, and EA is pleased to be providing expertise to support their on-going progress.